jumia.com.ng: Jumia Black Friday 2018 | Amazing Deals and Discounts on Jumia Black Friday 2018

Jumia Black Friday Deal

jumia.com.ng: Jumia Black Friday 2018 | Amazing Deals and Discounts on Jumia Black Friday 2018

Jumia Black Friday is one of the biggest sales events in Nigeria as most families order their desired products for the coming Christmas celebration with the amazing deals and discounts offered during the Jumia Black Friday 2018.

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Jumia Black Friday 2018 Date

The Jumia Black Friday 2018 has been scheduled to start on the 2nd to 30th of November 2018 with lots of amazing deals up for grab as Jumia has been sending both email and SMS messages to sellers to stock their shop with enough products for buyers during the jumia black Friday 2018.

Black Friday 2018 – Amazing Black Friday Deals and Discounts

The Jumia black Friday sales 2018 will feature enough deals and discounts from different categories such as fashion, phones, home applicancies, kitchens, Healthcare and not to forget the amazing deals on Voucher which I am personally looking forward to.

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Why Jumia Black Friday 2018 Will have the Biggest Online Sales & Deals

From previous experience, Jumia offers as much as 80% discount on products and services sold by jumia itself and with the massive promotion going on right now, sellers of all sizes are stocking their online store with goods and ready to slash their offers just like Jumia itself to bring buyers the best amazing price ever. It is going to be a festival of shopping.

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How to Get Maximum Discount from Jumia Black Friday 2018

The jumia discount offers are usually slashed by 50 to 80 percent and you can still get more discounts if you follow simple procedures like;

  • Use the Jumia mobile App to check out your orders(you can find the product you want to purchase via PC or web browser on phone, not the item or add to cart then open your jumia app and complete the transaction)
  • Use online payment option( Jumia offers more discounts when you choose to use the online payment option than the day on delivery option).
  • Use the Jumia pay option to pay for your purchase.
  • Watch out for flаsh sаlеs which occurs sеvеrаl tіmеs реr dау as you can get over 80% discount.
  • Finally, use the Jumia voucher to pay( you can get the voucher at a 100% discount and still get your desired product at 80% discount making it 180% which is amazing)

Do you love the tips I just gave you?

As a member of the Jumia J-force, I can help you order any product of your choice on Jumia without stress. you can also join my team on j-force, just give me a call or chat me on 08183063956 anytime and your order will be placed.

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