4 Things People Think About Those Who Fail


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I can't fail

Research has shown that when people succeed, they praise themselves but when they fail, they blame external factors like; friends, bad luck etc but this is very different when others around us fail because we put all the blames on them and tag them as failures.

But then is there really a group of people who are seen as failures? There is no such thing as people who fail, until the individual or individuals themselves think they are  failures. This is because of the adage that says “The light in which you see yourself is the light in which others look at you”

The following things are what people think about people who fail.

  1. Laziness-

    people most time thinks that those who fail are lousy and lazy fellows because many people believe that hard work leads to success .

There is 60% of truth in that but is it all about that? NO! Because 70%of people who are successful in our society today don’t really struggle or work for it.

  1. Lack of ambition –

    the second thing people think about those who fail is that they lack ambition due to the mindset that to be successful you must be ambitious.

  2. Lack of courage –

    another thing people think about those who fail is that they are timid because most people believe to be successful you ought to be courageous and face all that life offers.

  3. Illiteracy –

    people also think that people who fail, fail out of ignorance or illiteracy since most people also believe that to be successful in life you’ve got to go to school and acquire certificates, this is because in our present day society certificates are preferable than wisdom or common sense.

Finally, when you feel you have failed you don’t  need to relent because it is only when you do that, that people will think negative of you; therefore, rather than being a chicken little, the best revenge to people who think you have failed is to be successful.



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