Best Online Payment Gateway Service Providers of 2017

Online Payment Gateway Service Providers

Best Online Payment Gateway Service Providers of 2017

Do you shop online? How do you pay after placing an order? It is through the payment gateway your payment reaches the store. Each E-commerce website has a different bank for receiving the payment. The customers using it for the first time may be afraid about the security. They will think whether their debit card, credit card, and internet banking password are secured. Now, the security factor varies from one gateway to another. But, the merchant has the intention of making it much more secured. Let us have a look at the best payment gateway.

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Best Online Payment Gateway

Best payment gateway services –


Payment depot –

This is one of the payment gateway service providers that come with wholesale based pricing. Most of the Ecommerce shopping merchants are using this gateway to receive money from their customer after shopping is complete. This service is available with membership. You can also get PCI compliance with membership. If you are starting a new business, this too can be your choice Payment Gateway.

Payment depot

Helcim –

Another popular name for payment gateway is Helcim. If you have a low budget, this one can be your choice of Payment Gateway Services. It is absolutely secured for all the customers willing to get an error free transaction. The service comes with the lowest interchange along with the markup. The best part is, you don’t have to pay any minimum amount for the monthly rental.


Payline –

Have you heard about the Payline? This is also one among such services for payment online. The buyers like its service due to its proper accessibility. Unlike other gateways, this is much faster. The customers don’t have to wait for a long time after putting the details. The payment gets received easily. Also, the transaction gets completed. The rate plans are very simple. If you are non-profit making company where the donation is received through the payment gateway, this service provider provides a proper discount.

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Dharma merchant services –

This is the service provider with fair pricing. Merchants are adopting this service in many of their e-commerce business. There are many benefits you can enjoy here. The pricing is very competitive with the fair exchange. It works on low-cost equipment. But, it has apple pay certification. The merchant gets good customer care service. You can call up any time whenever you have operation issues.

Dharma merchant services

Stripe –

The stripe sets a new standard in online payments. E-commerce websites using this deal payment of billion dollars through this gateway. This is also a very powerful as well as a flexible tool for the Ecommerce website holders. Your users will be satisfied after payment through the most secure payment gateway. The entire process is very fast and less time-consuming.

Stripe –

Do you want only payment gateway service? Do you need both payment gateway and merchant account? has the facility for both. This is one of the best payment gateway services available on the web. You don’t have to pay anything at the time of setup. It is absolutely free.


There are hundreds if not thousands of online payment gateways and more are springing up daily but we have listed few of them base on research and previous experiences with few of them as we shop online. Do feel free to try them out in your eCommerce business and if you have previous experience with any of them either positive or negative, please feel free to share such using the comment box.

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