Official Statement on MMM Founder Sergey Mavrodi’s Death and Possible Effect on MMM System Globally

MMM Founder Sergey Mavrodi's Death

Official Statement on MMM Founder Sergey Mavrodi’s Death and Possible Effect on MMM System Globally

The death of MMM Founder, Author of Lucifer’s Son, and Actor of The Pyrammmid has been making rounds around search engine and social media with several headlines and search strings with over 20,000 searches within the Google Nigeria network with the following keywords toping the trends;

MMM Founder dead
MMM Founder 
Sergey Mavrodi is Dead
MMM Founder, Sergey Mavrodi is Dead

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With several trends making waves on the search engine, social media and the blogs, no official statement has been published on the MMM Nigeria Personal Office which is the only accepted and the official channel of communication for mmm participants globally. However, the number 1 promoter of MMM globally wrote the following on his skype group;

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“Alexander 亞歷山大 Lebedev MMM BitCoin Manager 10000+”

…. Sergey Mavrodi has died. MMM becomes “on a pause mode” Dear participants. There was a tragic event: on the morning of March 26 our leader and ideological inspirer, Sergei Mavrodi, passed away. On the street, he felt sick, he complained of weakness and pain in his heart. An accidental passer-by called an ambulance, Sergei Mavrodi was hospitalized, but, alas, he could not be saved. Sergei Mavrodi was 62 years old. In this regard, the MMM system becomes a “pause mode”. You can not provide and can not get help, Mavro do not grow. In the near future, the Administration will decide the future of the MMM and will report it officially. We hope for understanding. Sergei Mavrodi devoted his entire life to serving other people. He refused from pleasures and material benefits, from communication with relatives and friends, so that no one could have influence on him and on the System. Sergei Mavrodi worked until the end of his days without holidays and vacations. Mavrodi always felt his responsibility for the participants and for the System. He never pursued any personal interests. Mavrodi, long before the advent of crypto-currency, predicted that the modern financial system will become a thing of the past. And today we see how many of the predictions of Mavrodi have already come to reality: alternatives to fiat money have appeared and they are becoming more widespread. Let’s remember the principles that Mavrodi defended: mutual assistance and justice, and try to stick to these principles in life. This will be our contribution to the Mavrodi deeds. Sergei Mavrodi is a great man who managed to unite 250 million people around the world in the fight for a single goal. MMM was a matter of his life, he dreamed of changing the world. Sergey Mavrodi, you have a bright memory. You are forever in our hearts!

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From the statement above, he confirmed the death of mmm founder Sergey Mavrodi and also stated that the entire community of over 250 million participants in over 50 countries is currently in pause mode until further notice.

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