Nigeria Police Recruitment 2018: How to get Shortlisted

Nigeria Police Recruitment 2018

Nigeria Police Recruitment 2018: How to get Shortlisted

The Nigeria police recruitment 2018 has commenced and so far over a thousand persons have applied and the number is increasing every second. This is why we will be looking at how you can be successfully shortlisted in the Nigeria Police recruitment 2018.

In my previous post, I was able to cover the following;

Requirements for Police Recruitment 2018,

Documents Needed for Applying for Nigeria Police Recruitment 2018, 

How to Apply for Police Recruitment 2018 at and

Deadline for Nigeria Police Recruitment 2018. 

So do well to check out my previous post if you are yet to while you continue to read this post for a high chance of success in your application.


How to get Shortlisted for Nigeria Police Recruitment 2018

With the number of applicants for the Nigeria police recruitment 2018, it is very obvious that there will be some complications in the selection process but this post will give you tips to make sure you are among the shortlisted persons so here are the quick tips.

Nigeria Police Recruitment 2018 Application Tips

  1. Use a clearly scanned document and passport; you may have heard the saying that your CV is you before the employer and in this case, this saying counts.
  2. Be an early bird; the early birds know how important it is to be among the first to complete their application so you have to make sure you start and complete your application on time.
  3. Use working contact details; your contact details include a working email, a good phone number, and a working phone.
  4. Disable do not disturb service on your phone; at this point, if a disturbance is what it will take to get the job, then is better you receive all the SMS in the world than to miss out of that important interview invite.
  5. Check your email daily
  6. Sign all printed documents as required and lookout for the sections meant for office use.
  7. Ask questions where necessary; there is no harm in asking questions so feel free to ask. If you know any police officer ask them what needs to be done.
  8. Finally, stay online; information is power and the internet is a great tool for staying connected and informed and the application portal of the Nigeria police has some great info to help you.

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