How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger Using or

How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger

How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger Using or

I always get the question “how can I set up a custom domain name for my blogger blog” from friends and fellow group members on Facebook who are just starting their blog using platform which is why I decided to write this post.

 How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger

To be very honest is usually not easy setting up a custom domain on blogger especially if you are very new in the blogging community but with simple guides like this, you will find it super easy and simple.

Use this video guide if you don’t have all the time to read

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How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger Using or

In this post, I am using the above-mentioned domain companies since most new biz can easily afford a domain and also is a local domain extension in Nigeria.

To get started linking your .blogspot blog to your own .com,, .ng, .org etc, follow these steps;

Step 1: Login to your Blogspot blogger dashboard( then open a new tab and login your domainking or whogohost client area.

Note: Am assuming you have already paid for your domain 

Step 2: Click on my domain in your client area to see the list of domains you own.

Step 3: Select the domain you wish to use and click on Manage domain

Step 4: Screw domain to name server and make sure it is set to default

Step 5: Locate install blogger option after the name server option and click on it.

Step 6: Go to your blogger dashboard and click on setting then select basic

Step 7: Locate your blog url and click on setup custom url domain.

Step 8: Enter the domain name you have bought from domainking or whogohost like this “” and click on setup.

Step 9: Copy the second nameserver Sample:  Name: m2z3tqXYZ:  Destination: 

Note: Use the one generated on your blogger dashboard.

Step 10: go back to step 5 and enter the section with the name under the space for name and copy the remaining part into the section for the destination and click save.

Step 11: return to your blogger dashboard and click save(You may need to wait for one hour before doing this)

Congratulation on your success.

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