How to not fail a Capstone Project

How to not fail a Capstone Project

Capstone Project

7 Tips How Not to Fail Capstone Project: List of The Main Features

The goal of a capstone project is to look at real life issues and come up with a set of solutions based on effective research. After your studies, you should have the skills to think strategically and understand the importance of solving real issues. This is a challenge for many students, but this project does prepare you for the world outside of your studies. One thing students should always remember is that there is a real job waiting at the end of your studies and these projects are not just done to challenge you. These projects are done to help you start thinking in a manner that will make you a great employee or employer.

Here are some of the best tips to tackle your capstone project


Before you can even start with your project, you are going to draw up a proposal. This is an overview of what your plan is for your project. It is important to do a good job at the proposal because you do not want it to be rejected, after putting in all that work. Once your professor gives you the go-ahead, you have the green light to start researching more in depth. Make sure your project includes an introduction, hypothesis, and theories. Also, give as much information as you can about your research methods as well as any proposed alternatives that you can come up with.

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Manage your time

If you are going to do well in this project, you have to consider the limited time you have. Many students think that the timeline is not too intense until they skip a week of working and rush towards the finish line. A lot of research and strategic thinking goes into the capstone report and it is not something you can just wing towards the end. You have to look at capstone project ideas and this is the only way you can start working. That process alone takes up ample time, so do not underestimate the time you need to allocate to this project.

Content first

Every project should be presented well, but you want to focus on the content first when completing this project. You should not skimp on the professional image of the project, but that should not distract you too much. Take a look at capstone paper examples and get a feel for what the finished project should look like. Choose a standard template that does not have too many flashiness to it and stick to a plain and simple design. You do not want to take anything away from the content, which is the major contributor to your final score. Pay attention to grammar and spelling errors, because it is expected of you at this stage to not have such mistakes.

Key Points Capstone Project

When doing your capstone project, remember that it is almost like doing a thesis. For some reason, people assume that a capstone project is not on the same level as a thesis. You are going to have to put in just as much work and continue to practice your presentation. Consider the following key points.

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  • Always include a table of contents for easy location of various information points. This is a requirement and does make the reading process a bit easier for the committee.
  • A list of references is crucial because you do not want to be accused of plagiarism. This also shows that you have done proper research and that you know how to cite important information.
  • You should try and work on a minimum of 45 pages and no less. Also, make sure you include at least 12 references for the work done. A lot goes into this project and you want to at least make the minimum requirements. You can, of course, go over the minimum requirements if you need to.

Reference style

Choose a reference style that seems to relate to what you want your end project to look like. MLA or APA reference styles are not that much different, but it is the small differences that can change the look and format of your project. You need to first define what it is that you want for this project and then choose a style that is best suited to you. There is no right or wrong choice, but it is a big decision nevertheless.


You want to engage your audience and have them relate to what you are saying. The same concept is used by bloggers, because the more you engage your audience, the better you connect. You do not want to be too elaborate or obvious in the way you do this, but including questions is a great way to make the reader think about their own opinion. Your content needs to be believable and one you engage with your audience, you are able to build that trust and have them believe everything you are saying. Of course, you are going to secure the facts with references.

Organize your notesCapstone Project

This is probably one of the most important tips you can find. There will be so many notes after researching and you can easily get confused. Organize your notes in such a way that you can easily find the reference linked to a fact. You do not want to go back and search for the source. The organization is going to save you a lot of time.


A capstone project is a big deal and it does deserve a lot of attention to detail (Here you can find an example). Think about it this way. This is your last project before you complete your degree. Why not finish it on a high? Give it your all, because you know it is the end of a very difficult road. Show that you are ready for the real world and that you are prepared for what is to come School is not just about text learning, but it is about applying what you have learned. Now show your professors that you have learned all that is needed.

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