10 Amazing Hidden Tricks of Google Search

Amazing Hidden Tricks of Google Search

10 Amazing Hidden Tricks of Google Search

Google is a part and parcel of everybody’s life. From facts to locations; from tutorials to jobs; from recipes to cooks; from bhajans to pubs; from emails to encryptions everything is searched on Google. It has become a complete package and is slowly sweeping out various job lines as services such as agency and consultation are provided through experts by Google.

Amazing Hidden Tricks of Google Search

Besides using Google at such regular intervals we are unaware of many hidden tricks provided by Google. Here we present you with some hidden, entertaining things on Google.

1. Barrel roll

Endlessly entertaining and trending worldwide. We simply have to search “do a barrel roll” and before we have even completed the instructions our page will be spinning all over the screen. Try it out and also find out how to stop the spin 😉

2. Gravity

Search “Google gravity” and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” tab to watch Google crash down the second your cursor hits the tab. If you do not find this happening you have to disable Google’s instant result in your account preferences under setting to get the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ tab. Google sphere is another game with similar features and more freakiness.

Amazing Hidden Tricks of Google Search


3. Klingon

“GoogleDaq ylnej” means “Google search”. Who knows this except for the ones who know Klingon? Google with so many different languages also have Klingon version of its own or for that matter, it also has its pirate and Elmer Fudd versions!! So here you can surf in whatever you like to.

4. Doodles

If you simply hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button without searching for anything – Google doodles is what appears. You will be surprised to find the varied doodles and you can choose whatever to feel like.

5. Pacman

This game initially started as a Google doodle but now has become a very popular game for us to play on it.

A personalized version of Google with your customized logo is what you experience when you type these words and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” tab.

Amazing Hidden Tricks of Google Search

7. Google Beatbox

Just type an array of words that make no sense into Google translate and hit the ‘listen’ icon and you will hear Google beatboxing the sentence you created of scribbled words. The text could be anything like “pv zk bschk pv zk bschkkk pv zk bschkkkkkkk pv zk bschkkkkkkkkk”.

8. Google’s built-in calculator

Apart from basic and complex problems; this calculator performs some weird and interesting functions we aren’t aware of. These include calculating blue moon and also the loneliest number. Check them out now!!

9. Google maps

Google map has made life easy for traveling to every foreign or native place. But at times we could find interesting yet not so obvious routes. Like if you ask for a route from Japan to China or Australia to America you will be determined to NOT follow the map. Interestingly it also provides to directions to reach Mordor!!

Amazing Hidden Tricks of Google Search

10. Cast to the Big Screen

The latest version of Google Chrome allows you to let share whatever is on your screen with a ChromeCast followed by just a few clicks. If you fancy doing your web browsing on a bigger screen you should definitely try this out. All need to be done is- Navigate to the tab you would like to see on your Television, click on Chrome setting menu and hit by ‘Cast’ button.

These are just a few eggs stated by me from a basket full of it. Google has so many features that nobody could get enough of it ever. Surf more, know more.

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