What are Several Tech Hacks that can be learned in few Minutes?


We have so much to understand in this awesome galaxy that would enhance our information and make our lifestyle easier as well.

Research a new subject, understand financial aspects, take sessions in movie admiration, become familiar with a new terminology, be a part of a book team, understand food preparation, understand tech hacks – these are things that would enhance our lifestyle.

The issue is that most of us basically do not have the chance to take months from our hectic routine and understand something new.

We do understand that you don’t have a month to learn all the new stuff which is why we have put together this best technical hacks tips that take less than a moment to understand but can boost the eminence of your life.

Use Instagram Filtration on Images you don’t want to Post

If you want to use Instagram Filtration on your photos but you don’t wish to publish them then you can do so just by following the basic technical crack given below:

  • First of all, put your phone on Airplane mode.
  • Now, start Instagram, and implement your stunning filter.
  • As soon as you only need to choose the “Share,” and the image will not succeed to publish to Instagram.

Meanwhile, an amazingly strained image will incredibly preserve to your photos.

Undo a sent E-mail on Gmail

Undo a sent E-mail

Accidently sent someone a message that was not intended for them? Don’t worry this technical hacks will save you! You can just recover the sent email if you use Google mail.

  • Firstly, go to configurations and start the ‘labs’ tab present at the base.
  • Here, you will see an ‘undo send’ Just hit and save up changes.

The next occasion you deliver a message, the yellow-colored box will have a reverse choice that will stay on your display for a few moments. For the upcoming, also remember not to type in the current email deal with until the very end. This way, even if you accidentally hit deliver during writing your email, it won’t get by the incorrect person.

Easily Modify Written text in Word

  • Firstly, emphasize the writing you want to modify and press Shift+F3, creates Suvam Behera.
  • By doing this once will turn the outlined text to uppercase and doing it twice will turn the writing to all lowercase, and three periods will take advantage the first correspondence of each term.

Find your Missing Phone

Most times it happens that we ignore where we kept our cell phones. We try to contact on it but unfortunately if the system is on SILENT mode then, even the contact choice doesn’t work in such a situation. So, here is an effective technique to use Google’s Android operating system Device Administrator which will identify the device for you.

  • Login your account from your PC or laptop and start Search engines perform store.
  • Under the Settings choice, choose Android operating system Device Administrator.

Download Facebook Video clips without Any Software

Here is the basic way of getting this Tech hacks idea as downloading Facebook videos straight onto your PC or Laptop. Follow this straightforward technique and enjoy viewing videos straight on your PC.

  • Log in to your Facebook account and search down your new way to obtain your favorite movie from Facebook.
  • Now, basically choose Play key to start it clip.
  • Right basically simply click it clip, you’ll see three options Stop, Silence, and display Video URL. Click on the last choice, Show Video URL.
  • In the URL, just substitute www with m. Just look at the display shot given below for better knowing.
  • Once done, hit Get into and then listen to it clips again. Right Click on it clip and you can see Save Video as a choice from the list.
  • Click on Save Video as a choice and choose the location where you want to preserve it clips on your PC or Laptop.

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