Npower Portal and How to Register on npower recruitment portal

npower portal

Npower Portal and How to Register for npower recruitment portal

In this post, you will see;

how the npower portal works, npower login portal and npower recruitment portal.

Npower is a Nigerian Federal Government initiative to empower unemployed Nigerians both graduates and undergraduates with skills and training needed to keep to get the job down and reduce youth restiveness.

How the npower portal works

Just like most agencies in Nigeria, the Nigerian Federal Government recruitment initiative npower was launched with a website portal which is referred to here as npower portal as a means of allowing interested and qualified applicants for the npower recruitment in each year to apply for various jobs without issue. The npower portal is made up of several tabs which include the npower login portal or page, npower recruitment portal and other areas which cover the about page and the featured departments in npower.

npower login portal and npower recruitment portal

npower login portal is simply an area of the npower site that allows registered members on npower to login and sees updates regarding their application for npower and also, this area is used even after a person have been successfully recruited to carry out few operations like selecting your desired device, applying bvn to your account etc.

the npower login or recruitment portal is also used to complete npower forms during registration for recruitment.

Other sections found in npower portal

Outside the already mentioned parts in npower, the npower site also features pages like;

Npower device support 
N-Power Volunteer Network
N-power preselection list 
N-power Agro page and much more.

Applying for N-Power Job

For the past two(2) years, N-power has always opened its recruitment portal during the second quarter of the year to enable new applicants to submit their application and go through the recruitment test which is usually followed by a physical verification process.

N-power recruitment 2018 is yet to commence since this is still March and application is expected to commence sometime in June or July this year and the form will be available on the recruitment portal located on and all interested applicants are to fill out their application once the portal opens.

How to apply for N-power recruitment

For steps on how to apply for npower when the recruitment commence, please do refer to our previous post on npower 2018 registration.

I also covered the things you need to do after pre-selection process and other necessary information on this post What Next After npower Physical Verification.

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  1. Thank you, Benedict, for put up this post. I and some of my friends have been looking for how to do our registration on the npower portal for weeks now.
    It just came to my mind that I should search online, which I did.
    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for this post it enable me to know about npower information,and I promise to inform my Friends and brothers, please keep me updated , thanks once more,


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