Use your brain not your hands


There is a popular quote which says  “work harder than you think you did yesterday” but whether it is right or wrong depends on your perspective of working hard because the word is changing very fast and you should be part of the change.

Some years ago, people can only be considered to be hard working with the amount of physical energy they apply to achieve or perform a particular task, especially when it comes to certain kind of job or career but today, the tides have changed and people have changed the way they perceive hard work because today, I can work hard seating at the front of my computer, while you feel and just being lazy and doing nothing.
Brain work is actually the in thing today, no longer spending huge amount of energy on manual tasks that yield little result.

Use your Brain
People are earning millions if not billion of dollars just by using their brain without lifting a finger; companies that offer consultancy services can charge you thousands of dollars just to impact knowledge which you will still be the one to apply to get the results you desire.

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On the internet people pay thousands of dollars on videos, audios and e-books and most times the videos and other products are based on ideas which deal with brain work.
All these proves that working hard has actually taken a new dimension which is brain work, therefore, the more you can use your brain the better your chances of success in today’s world.


Finally, working hard in today’s world have been given a new name which is; working smart. So if you want to be in the moving train start by using people’s hand while you use your brain.

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