Trends of Mobile App Market and Future Prospects in 2017

Trends of Mobile App

Trends of Mobile App Market and Future Prospects in 2017

The smartphone trend is still in a booming stage. New apps are developed every now and then. Developers are making apps related to user’s preference. Useful apps related to women include makeup, shopping, dressing etc. Men like to install the apps related to cricket, gadgets, games etc. Ride booking apps for pick and drop of passengers is also one among the Mobile App Trends.


Trends of Mobile App

The android users can get around 2.2 million apps. The iPhone users can select among 2 million apps and even more. According to a survey, smartphone users have exceeded the desktop users. The download and apps installation in the smartphone will generate revenue of $77 billion in 2017. Apps are built for users ease and flexibility.

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Top current trend in mobile apps –

  • Banking apps –

Today the top banks are having their apps. Before now, you must use internet banking for transferring funds or bill payments but with the introduction of Mobile banking apps have made the transactions much more easier. The representatives from the banks insist their customers install their app. This trend is present in the year 2017. You can go ahead with banking transaction while you are traveling in a bus or train, you can even check your account statement on the go. This is goodbye to frequent visit to bank for fund transfers or to view your account statement.

Banking apps

  • Location-based app services –

Today GPS is a wonderful way to track the unknown location. Think of a situation when you have to visit a place you know nothing about; the streets, the local hotels/ eateries, the shopping centers etc. The current mobile app trend will help you here. You can get your location through the GPS service. Smartphone users invariably have this app with them.

Location-based app

Future mobile app trend –

The future trend of smartphone apps will give you a broader picture. Let’s see what surprises we are likely to have in Future Mobile App Market.

  • M-Commerce –

You all are aware of E-commerce. Are your surprised to hear the name M-commerce? Yes, this is going to be your next surprise with app trend. Here, the transaction can be done without cash, debit card or credit card. The purchase will be exclusively done with mobile phones.

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  • Wearable devices –

The wearable devices such as apple watch, android smart watch etc. will create a new history in the mobile app market. This will give you facilities of health sensors, smart watches, smart jewelry, etc. The devices will replace the smartphones. You don’t have to carry the phone in your pocket. Rather, the wearable will give all details.

  • Application performance management-

These apps will help monitor different types of appliances and tell you how well they are performing; although we currently have such apps running on pcs and some electrical appliance, but in the future trend, the quality of apps will be more improved. APM will have wider flexibility on the visibility. Application performance management

The above-mentioned app trend is very likely to develop more than it is, currently. You can see the current trends of smartphones in your present lifestyle. But, the future trend will make it more stable. People will get more flexibility and ease with the future Mobile App Development Trends. It is time to know about them properly and get prepared for their powerful performance.

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