Top 3 Sites That Helped Nigerians Pass N-power Screening Test 2017/ 2018

N-power Screening Test

N-power 2017/ 2018 List of Shortlisted Candidates

As thousands of Nigerians awaits the release of list of shortlisted candidates for the Federal Government Recruitment Excises N-power 2017/ 2018 section, we want to take a little trip down the memory lane to review top 3 sites that helped Nigerians to successfully write the N-power screening test 2017/2018.

Before we continue, lets get an insight about the programme N-Power

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What is N-Power?

N-Power is a job creation and empowerment programme
of the National Social Investment Programme
of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The N-Power
programme is for young Nigerians between the ages
of 18 and 35.

In 2016, through N-Power, the Federal Government engaged and deployed 200,000 young Nigerians in public
primary schools, primary healthcare centres and in
agriculture development project centres in all the Local
Government Areas in Nigeria. This has been the
largest post-tertiary engagement of human resources
in Africa. This year (2017), the N-Power Volunteer Corps is
enlisting 300,000 more volunteers to bring the number
to the promised 500,000 N-Power Volunteers.

Now that we have known a little about N-power, let’s continue with the topic of the day

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Top 3 Sites That Helped Nigerians Pass N-power Screening Test 2017/ 2018

The N-power Screening Test 2017/2018 was conducted online like the previous year and the test comprised of different categories which participants where expected to answer there questions within 20 minutes. The questions ranges from the simple once like “How many colours does Nigeria flag have” to more complex questions which made some applicants turn to Google for help and indeed their request was granted.

These 3 sites helped Nigerians write the N-power Screening Test 2017/ 2018 Successfully


Examveda is an online platform that contains questions and correct answers on different subjects as stated on the website, it is a place to Discover new way to learn and practice MCQs for SSC, IBPS, Bank PO, Campus selection and other aptitude based exams and you can also Ask questions and be sure of getting the answers.


Just like examveda, provides answers to different questions Attitude test like the ones given in the N-power screening test 2017/ 2018. All the candidate needs to do is to copy the question and past on google and include and the system will provide the answers to the question. covers questions on; Programming, Aptitude, HR, MBA, MCA, Engineering, Banking, Finance, UPSC, SSC questions and answers for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Daily Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Latest Group Discussion topics etc


Aptitude123 is not too different from examveda and careerride as they all contributed in one way or the other to the success of Nigerians in the just concluded N-power Screening Test 2017/ 2018 in their own ways. However, Aptitude123 covers the following areas; Aptitude questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. with full explanation and examples with detailed and clear answers.

As an N-power Applicant, whether or not you used any of the above sites to write your online screen test for the just concluded N-power Screening 2017/ 2018 is not the question but one important thing I will encourage you to do as a job seeker is to go through the above sites and read through the questions and answers as often as you can because they contain enough questions and answers for other interview exams both online an offline.

In conclusion, the N-power 2017/ 2018 screening test has come and gone but Nigerians are still waiting patiently for the List of Shortlisted Candidates for N-Power 2017/ 2018


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