Tips to boost up internet speed on Windows 10

boost up internet speed on Windows 10

Tips to boost up internet speed on Windows 10

The internet is enjoyed everywhere, starting from playing games to watching videos. To completion of the school assignment to a boss presentation, everything involves the internet. It holds billions of people together and allows communication between places. It has been a part of Information, Globalization, Socialization, Education, and Advertisement. It has shown its advancement in the field of science, arts, and commerce and been a fusion intellect between the three and speed has been the main concern worldwide.

Globally Hong Kong comes the first in connection speed following it comes South Korea and Japan as per the tech worm’s news 2017. Well, it’s the need of every citizen, from the walk to the shop everywhere it’s the internet where it shows its magic. It’s 2 at night and you are hungry, guess what, you click on your food ordering app, select your food and order. Life is so simple these days just due to the internet and its speed. Yeah, the times have changed so as technology. This example itself shows where we are and the importance of having a good speed internet connection that could help us personally.

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The best updated OS is Windows 10. It has many unique features. After installing Windows 10, we can face more problems as it is not free from bugs. And mainly, one more important problem is declination of internet speed. It’s not an easy task to maintain a million of downloading simultaneously. Maximizing your internet speed is an important step for the fastest computing. So, you might ask now can I know how to handle the speed levels and boost up the internet speed. Here are some simple ways to boost your internet speed on windows 10:

  • Turning off windows update delivery optimization: Windows 10 automatically update the files and starts sending the delivery reports, it may slow down your internet speed. So, turn it off over the internet. Turn off temporarily, so that you can check the updates frequently and can update your system.

 Windows 10

  • Using internet download manager: Use IDM to download many files. It helps in increasing the internet speed. It accelerates the download process and it merges the split files to give you the resultant file. Unfortunately, it’s not free. But there is a full-featured version for free. In this, you can pause and resume the file which you are downloading. By using this option, it may optimize your internet speed.
  • Always keep an eye on the background applications: the most important reason of internet slowdown is the applications that run at background even if we close the application. And exit/close unnecessary programs from your taskbar. These applications include: Steam (gaming Client), Anti-Virus update (Security Software), Dropbox (File backup software)
  • Use CCleaner: CCleaner is a software that doesn’t increase the memory load, but very effective and makes your system not to slow down the internet speed. It cleans the cookies, junks, cache, and history. And also, you can repair the registry issues.


  • Adjusting data: data is transmitted across the internet. One way to increase the efficiency is to discover the size of the bytes for the value. NetBooster automatically discovers the value. And can “Autotune” and “Fine tune” it. It increases the internet speed and gains significantly. It can deliver the increased internet speed.
  • DNS Server: Domain name system plays a key role in determining the internet speed. Due to errors in DNS, you will not get good internet speed even if your connection is well. The error in Domain Name System results in the inability of internet connection to display websites. Internet connection must resolve the DNS name of a local web server to your computer’s IP address
  • Optimize manually: choosing “customize advanced internet settings” can manually adjust each value yourself. Net Booster automatically sets each of these to their optimal values in your system. System mechanic automates a series of maintenance actions while your system is not working/ idle.

Disabling firewalls

  • Disabling firewalls: checking if windows firewall or any 3rd party firewall is blocking or slowing down your internet connection. It may disable temporarily for not slowing down the internet and for making the fast downloading the file.
  • Disable auto downloads of application: Always avoid using those applications, which download automatically their updates. Because such applications use background data and consume bandwidth of the internet. If those applications are your necessity, disable their auto download option.

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Use these methods to increase your computer’s internet speed for a fair result. You can also try all of those for the best improvement. And also remember, that hardware components have an impact on the internet speed. Better to use good modems, splitters, and cables. And most importantly before anything checks your system for virus coz it slows down the system causing the speed to lag and even virus scanners can create a hindrance to the speed to an internet.

Do check the spyware you chose is of good quality and provides you with the finest of the results. And if so ever your internet is connected to the phone line make sure a good quality filter is connected to the telephone line, these filters help out the disturbances. Now here is the small trick, many of us use many electronic devices such as wireless speakers, phones, pads etc. it sometimes causes electromagnetic interference and hence moving them out of the way from your modem may help boost up the speed.

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Replacing old and long cables with new and shorter one. Sometimes the modem has its own software which needed to be taken care of and updated regularly and your computer desktop version with that the operating system etc. as the wireless setting becomes less compatible with time. The easiest among all is to on and off it again and again for at least one or two times, this kind of works almost most of the time.

Yeah, guys, now if you have something more interesting or better ways to speed up the internet connection on your windows 10 let us know and we will gladly add them to this post or make an updated version thanks.

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