With the current level of unemployment in the country coupled with the economic crisis around the world today, the best option almost everyone can think of is starting a business of their own where they can be their own boss and make all the rules; but this option which is actually the best option is not as easy as it seems especially when you calculate the amount you need to start a new business considering the cost of rent and the capital to buy goods, you might just decide to forget about it and keep looking for job.


What will you do if you don’t get a job soon? Some would say “I will keep looking” yes giving up is not an option; but what if you could just start something from the comfort of your home with the little money you have while you are still hoping to get a job? am sure that’s not a bad idea; which is why I have put together this list of ten (10) businesses you can start with less than 20,000 Naira and make profit on daily basis without paying for shop rent.



1. Pure water wholesale:

in other to start this business the major thing you need is a deep freezer and a generator which we are assuming you already have but if you don’t have then you can check the other options below and find another business that will well fit into the plan.

If you already have the items above, now you have to look for a good pure water company to supply 10-20 bags for starters, cool the water and sell it to retailers and make your money.
Before you start you may want to see the profit margin: Let assume you get a bag for the sum of N70 X 10 = N 700
You can sell a bag at retail price N 100 or N120 so you are making N30 per bag at the rate of N 100 and N50 per bag at the rate of N 120 so N 30 X 10 = N300 and N50 X 10 = N500

This and even more can be made on daily basis without stepping out of your house if you can attract more customers.

2. Fry/bake chin-chin, egg role, etc in large quantity and supply

If you know how to make chin-chin, egg roll, meat pie etc then you can make them and supply to retailers and collect your profit within few hours.

3. Start frying yam & Akara

This business is common and most people think there is no profit in this business but a trial will for sure convince you. You can fry just yam or both yam and Akara and double your income. You can do one in the morning and the other in the evening to reduce stress.

4. Buy vegetables and sell to retailers

This business is fast and very simple to start because you don’t need any skill, just your startup capital and some sacrifice because to get your product you may need to wake up very early and visit the vegetable market you can also make arrangement with farmers in your area so you buy their produce direct from the farm then retail it in morning market for faster return.

5. Produce liquid soap and market it around your environment

I have a friend who does this business and she is really making some cash from it although you will need to learn how to make liquid soap before you can start producing for the market but then is not too difficult to learn and you can become a pro in one or two days. We will upload tutorial videos on this soon.

6. Buy fruits in large quantity and retail

This business is a very nice business but is very important you trade with caution while venturing into the fruit business because they are perishable but outside that there is lots of money to be made in the fruit market.

7. Start selling old clothes (ok)

If you have good taste for fashion you can start selling old clothes which is also popularly known as OK. This business is capital intensive but for starters you don’t need to buy full bail rather you can go to those who open new bail and select some with good quality and resell them at higher price (I will advise you start with female wears because they spend more on clothes).

Bead making
8. Start bead making

This business requires skill in bead making so if you don’t know how to make beads already then you may not be able to go into the business except you are willing to learn and then start the business later.
All you need is the money to buy the materials for bead making, Bead making skill and some level of creativity to make your work unique.

9. Palm oil wholesale

This business is worth millions but you can start small and grow into a major distributor if you know how to effectively manage your capital and your customers.
To start Palm Oil wholesale business the basic things you need are;
a. Capital which could be less than 20,000 or more depending on how much you have.
b. Information on where to buy the oil at cheaper price(Ask questions).
c. A mobile phone which is very important because that is your shop at the moment (I recommend a small phone with long lasting battery).
d. Find a market (In this business you market is everywhere you can find people especially those who run small shops and don’t forget to check the markets around your area and talk to people).

e. Good Manners.
The last option is not really a material thing but I had to include it in the list because it is an essential tool for your new business to grow faster and rapidly. Haven said that it is also important to point out the fact that you don’t need a shop to start this business.

10. Kerosene wholesale

This is a very lucrative business to do at the moment since most people still use stove so you already have a market waiting for you; all you need is go to filling station buy the kerosene in cans and distribute to those who sell in shops and gather your money.

Other options include; Used Shoes, Fry Groundnut in Large quantity, etc.
Now that you have gotten some business ideas that you can start with less capital, I don’t think there is any reason for you to be idling away and complain about no money.
Remember, do not spend more than your capital if you really want your business to grow and learn to save part of your profit so you can easily expand.
Finally, in any business you are doing your packaging and good manners will always serve as a booster to your business. Thanks

If you have some ideas you think should be included here please feel as free as a bird to share it with us through the comment box and we will be most grateful.


  1. I think the production of liquid soap is very important here. It easy and almost every household in Nigeria do use it.


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